Guarantee and Sales Agreement

This contract between Suzanne Pierce (Mile Pond Doodles), herein after referred to as the seller and __________________________ herein referred to as Buyer.

In consideration of payment in full of the purchase price of $_______ (US Dollars) by Buyer(s) to seller. Seller agrees to transfer to Buyer(s), subject to the terms and conditions contained in this contract, the ownership of one , Color , herein referred to as the “puppy” ( regardless of age), from the mating of the sire and dam identified below.

Sire: __________________________
Dam: __________________________
Whelp Date: __________________________
Puppy Microchip Number: __________________________

Use Of The Puppy

It is agreed between Seller and Buyer(s) that this puppy is being acquired as a family companion dog or as a working dog to be used for task appropriate to its breed.This puppy will not be used for any breeding purpose (unless specified in a separate Breeding contract that will be attached to this health guarantee) and will not be used to whelp/sire any litters of puppies. If said puppy is used for any breeding practice and found to have sired/whelped a litter of puppies the rights to said puppy will be relinquished to the Seller. All puppies found to have been produced will be property of the Seller and will be relinquished to Seller. If said puppy is not brought back to Seller if found to have been breed and if puppies produced in the breeding are not brought back to the Seller, the Buyer will pay a fee to Seller of $10,000 US dollars. If Seller refuses all options legal action will be taken and all legal action will be handled in Duval county in Florida. If any rights have been given in regards to breeding an extension of this contract will be given to Seller and Seller must provide this contract along with extension contract to prove rights have been given.


Puppy is found to be in good health and sound to the best knowledge of Seller and veterinarian. Puppy will come to you with it’s 8 week old shots and a Florida Health Certificate. It will be the Buyers responsibility to administer the shots on time after that. Until the puppy’s vaccinations are finished the puppy should not be exposed to any contaminated areas, including high volume pet parks and public areas, or near any unhealthy animals. Puppy should never be over exercised, waiting until appropriate age to take puppy on long walks, runs and hikes is advised. Exposing puppy too early can cause hip and joint issues later in life and could result in surgery and medication. Puppy traveling up and down numerous stairs can also cause injury to puppies hips and joints, this is also advised against at a young age. Puppy has been held to a strict worming schedule starting at 2 weeks after birth and continued every 2 weeks thereafter until the age of 8 weeks. Puppy is found to be free of parasites. It is the Buyers responsibility to continue the puppies worming schedule as recommended by the vet along with Mile Pond Doodles. Puppy is eating Pawtree dog food which is a high quality food and it is recommended that puppy continue on Pawtree. Proper diet is essential for puppies health and grow. We are so confident in the health benefits of Pawtree dog food that if you keep you puppy on it for the first year we will extend the health guarantee to 2 years.

Health Guarantee

  • Once Buyer has obtained puppy the Buyer has three days (72hrs) to take puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a health check on puppy. If it is found that puppy was not taken to the vet within the time period all health guarantees are void and all health responsibilities will be the obligation of Buyer. No replacement puppy nor refund of any kind will be granted to the Buyer.
  • Buyer agrees to register puppy with Trupanion health insurance within 24 hours of receiving puppy. This is given to Buyer at no fee or charge. If puppy is not registered with the insurance, the health guarantee is void.
  • If puppy has to be placed in vet care, Buyer agrees to submit all paperwork to health insurance provided by the Seller. If Buyer does not submit proper documentation to insurance Seller will not cover any fees acquired by the Buyer.
  • Buyer has 7 days to return puppy for partial refund of puppy. Refund will not reflect any transportation cost of puppy. Buyer will receive the amount that Seller can re-home puppy for minus their non refundable deposit, quarantine, any additional (age appropriate) vet visits.
  • If Buyer decides after the 7 day window that they would like to re-home puppy, Buyer must give Seller first right to obtain the puppy back in their care. Puppy is not to be re-homed or sold without Sellers knowledge. If Buyer wishes to give the puppy back to Seller, Buyer will not be refunded any cost. If the puppy is re- homed, their health guarantee is non transferable.
  • All veterinarian cost after the puppy is picked up from Seller will be at the cost of the Buyer. All sales are final unless the puppy is found to have a fatal illness within 10 days at that point the Buyer will receive a refund in the sense of a new puppy or one from a future litter or cash up to 10 days . If puppy is found to have a fatal illness, becomes ill or passes, Buyer must take puppy for vet examination or necropsy, within 24hrs of puppy becoming ill for refund to be given. Seller will not refund the cost of any transportation on puppy. If puppy needs to be relinquished to Seller transportation will be at Sellers cost.
  • Breeder does not guarantee for any parasites, guardia, coccidiosis or any other parasite that puppy can obtain in new home or elsewhere. Puppy has had appropriate worming and precautionary treatments.
  • Seller believes that genetic testing is valuable for determining the best breeding pairs and is important to produce healthy puppies. Breeder is aware that there is no 100% safeguard when it comes to genetics. In addition, Breeder will warranty the health of Dog for 12 months from its date of birth, against “life threatening” hereditary/congenital diseases. Bites, teeth, hernias and other cosmetic issues are not considered life threatening. Twelve months from date of birth for moderate to severe Hip Dysplasia or DI higher than .65 (upon written proof & by x-ray submitted to the OFA/Pennhip) Written documentation, OFA/Pennhip results, X- rays, etc. must be provided to Breeder from a certified/licensed Veterinary Specialist whose expertise/field is the illness or disease that the Buyer is contacting the breeder regarding. Breeder reserves the right to get a second opinion (at Breeder’s expense).
  • Seller does not guarantee size, coat or color, or bite. Seller also does not guarantee breed percentages. These things are unpredictable in any dog and may skip generations so therefore breeder cant not guarantee the size of your dog at maturity nor the the color of their coat or texture. Coat color and texture can change over the years with any dog and can not be guaranteed.

Ownership Responsibilities

The Buyer agrees to and understands the following conditions: The Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy in a humane environment and to properly care for this puppy . Specifically the puppy will be properly licensed and inoculated against rabies , distemper, parvovirus , and other communicable diseases as recommended by a veterinarian. Properly exercised and fed a high quality food. If it is found that puppy was not properly vetted, over exercised, or fed poor quality food all health guarantee will be void.

We encourage you to keep in touch with us so we can update our future Buyers on the puppy’s that have been whelped throughout our cycles of life.

This warranty is non-transferable and becomes void if the dog is sold, placed or given away. Any legal action ever taken regarding this purchase must be handled in Duval county where the transaction was handled.By signing this agreement of sale, the Buyer acknowledges having read this agreement in its entirety and agrees to all terms and conditions within this agreement.

This is a legal binding document between Seller, Mile Pond Doodles, and Buyer, . The seller and buyer were under no duress nor forced to into signing this contract. Both seller and buyer agree that they have read and understood this contract and are agreeing to the terms. Any legal action that comes about this contract will be handled in the state and county of its origin: Duval county in the state of Florida. By signing this document both seller and buyer are agreeing to all the terms within the contract.

This agreement is signed on __________________________

Printed Name Of Buyer: __________________________
Address: __________________________
City, State, Zip: __________________________
Phone: __________________________
Email: __________________________

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